Relatively Speaking 

by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Jim McClure

20-24 February 2018

Greg and Ginny find themselves most compatible but she is determined to be off today, against his wishes. She insists she is going to see her parents. Well, Greg just bets he beats her to that address, and he does so. The "parents" do not at first understand him correctly; for Gitnny has not been entirely honest with Greg.

This is the cleverly constructs play that in 1967 gave Alan Ayckbourn his first West End hit, with reviews describing it as "deliciously heady," "a near miracle," and provoking "the proverbial gales of laughter."

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Relatively Speaking

by Alan Ayckbourn

7.30pm 28 November
at the Oakwood
2 men (1 younger, 1 older)
2 women (1 younger, 1 older) 

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