In Praise of Love

By Terence Ratttigan

26 November - 1 December 2012

Originally, "In Praise of Love" was the collective title chosen by Terence Rattigan for a double bill of two plays entitled "Before Dawn" and "After Lydia". Rattigan had thought to follow the pattern which he had adopted years before with his "Playbill" ("The Browning Version" and "Harliquinade") and "Separate Tables". However, when he found that "After Lydia" proved the substantially more popular, Rattigan developed and lengthened that script for "stand-alone" presentation under the title "In Praise of Love".

The play tells of Lydia, survivor of Nazi occupation of her native Lithuania, who now has an incurable and fatal disease, which she seeks to hide from her husband Sebastian, a literary critic, and a man apparently totally bound up with himself, his own comforts and his left-wing political views. They are visited by Mark, Sebastian"s writer friend, himself in love with Lydia. This visit, together with the performance on television of a first play by the couple"s son Joey, provide the impetus for Rattigan"s perceptive and moving revelations of those hidden feelings, which sometimes lead us to behave in unexpected and even apparently contradictory ways.

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