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Woodley Theatre is based at the Oakwood Centre , Headley Road, Woodley, about 3 miles east of Reading.

The auditorium seats up to 100.

There is ample parking at the public car park in Headley Road and at Woodford Park off Haddon Drive. Local bus services from Reading stop in Headley Road, just outside the Oakwood Centre. The theatre is a short walk from the main shopping precinct in Woodley.

Where is Woodley? or Bigger street map
 Woodley Theatre, at the Oakwood Centre.  Opposite Headley Road Car Park.

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07939 210121


Relatively Speaking

by Alan Ayckbourn

7.30pm 28 November
at the Oakwood
2 men (1 younger, 1 older)
2 women (1 younger, 1 older) 

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