Audition Notice for Strictly Murder

by Brian Clemens

Audition Date: Wednesday 17th March 2010 at 7.30 p.m. at the Oakwood Centre.

(This audition is being held at an earlier date than usual, because of Easter week and, after Easter, of the setting up and performance of the April play, Ladies' Day.)

Performance Dates: Tuesday 16th - Saturday 19th June 2010

The Play and its Author

Many of you will have seen the excerpt from this tense thriller at the Preview Evening in January. The author, Brian Clemens, is best known as the creator of The Avengers and The Professionals as well as being the main creative force behind Bugs. But these TV series are only part of his output as he has written several plays. He has described Strictly Murder, which was first performed at the Mill at Sonning in 2006, as a 'Whydunnit' or 'Whatthehell'sgoingondunnit' rather than a 'Whodunnit'!

The Plot

It would not be appropriate to reveal the whole plot. However, it is set in 1939 in the months before World War II, in a cottage in rural Provence where Peter and Suzy, an unmarried English couple, live an impecunious but happy life. He tries to sell his paintings and helps the local farmers with fruit- and grape-picking and driving, when such work is available. To make ends meet, she works as a cleaner at the local hotel. They have a neighbour, Josef, a simpleton who pilfers food from them, but they are fond of him and he likes them. The arrival of Ross and, later, of his colleague, Miriam Miller, turns their world upside down. Suzy learns that Peter, the man she loves and wants to marry, is a brutal murderer on the run


Josef Age 50-60. Described as having 'a stoop of pain about him'. Not mentally 'normal' and sometimes acts in a childlike way. Has a 'continental' accent.

Peter Meredith Age 30-45. Described as 'an attractive man with a face that is either cruel or has suffered'.

Suzy Hinchcliffe Age 25-35. Described as 'quite a lot younger than Peter with a fresh-faced waif-like quality that makes her vulnerable'.

Ross Age 40-50. Described as a 'prepossessing man with a feeling of great strength about him. The sort of man who can dominate a room by just entering it. His voice is cultured, his manners impeccable to the point of smarminess'.

Miriam Miller Age 35-50. Described as 'a forthright woman'.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jim McClure

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07939 210121

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