WEDNESDAY 10* NOVEMBER 7.45 Oakwood Centre

Laurence & I are at it again, this time we're directing 'The Safari Party' by Tim Firth, who also wrote All Quiet on the Preston Front (or Preston Front as it became) and Neville's Island. 

The play's performance dates are
8 February 2011 - 12 February 2011
so there'll be plenty of time to learn lines when you're bored with the turkey over Christmas.

"Safari party" - a dinner party where each course is served in a different house.

The hors d'oeuvres are served by brothers Daniel and Adam, the entrees by Lol and Esther, an upwardly mobile couple and deserts by Inga, a seemingly benign antiques dealer. The three households aren---t just linked socially, however: there's the whole question of the table. A touching and funny play about truth, reality, attitudes and relationships--┬Žand a table. The truth will out - or will it?

The action of the play takes place in 3 different households on a single night. It is set round Manchester way and takes place in the present day, or sometime very like it.


Daniel 20's Adam's brother. Farmer's son. He sold the table, originally.
Adam 20's Daniel's Brother. Farmer's son. He doesn't know the truth about the table.
Lol 50's, upwardly mobile golf shop owner. He thinks the table is a bargain.
Esther 50's, Lol's wife, also upwardly mobile. She bought the table the 2nd time.
Bridget 20's Lol & Esther's daughter. She couldn't care less about the table.
Inga 50 - 60ish Antiques dealer. She bought and sold the table.
The Table Old but maybe not as old as people think.

It's a funny play that builds the laughter as the play progresses. There are lies, truths, half-truths, friendships formed and broken. I've deliberately been vague about ages and location as we can adjust them a bit as necessary.

What is the truth about the table? Is there even a table in the play? Come along and find out at the audition on WEDNESDAY 3 NOVEMBER. Everyone is welcome - bring a friend or two!

Neil Oxley

* Second audition date for those unable to make the previous

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