NOBODY’S PERFECT  by Simon Williams

This is just what we need to cheer us up!  A fluffy feelgood romcom with loads of laughs, and a touch of ‘Charley’s Aunt’, and Mrs. Doubtfire’.  Maybe even a nod to ‘Cyrano De Bergerac’ for good measure.  

To the outside world Leonard is a shy home-based statistician, whose wife has left him. He has to deal with his feisty teenage daughter Dee Dee, and his aged and curmudgeonly father Gus.

But the other Leonard is a frustrated writer of romantic fiction whose drafts are refused byHarriet Copeland, a commissioning editor with strong opinions, especially on the shortcomings of men as writers and in general.

So, to get it published, Leonard submits his latest novel to the Love Is All Around’ publishing house posing as Myrtle Banbury’, and it is accepted!!  Then, of course, Harriet wants to interview and photograph the imaginary Myrtle….    

Leonard has to dress up as his fictitious Aunt, and finds that, as her, he can share the secrets of his heart with Harriet.  Dee Dee and Gus are first appalled, then take the mick, then getdrawn into the hysteria, which ends -of course- happily.

Leonard – a statistician – middle aged – boring and tongue-tied with women.

Harriet – compatible age with Leonard - runs a feminist publishing house

Dee Dee – Leonards teenage daughter – feisty – outspoken

Gus – Leonards father – dresses and acts younger than his years - memory lets him down

Walk-on drunk – could be the SM.

I’ve directed this before, it offers good meaty parts, full of character, lots of laughs, and audiences love it!

Auditions-   Weds 30th Jan, and Weds 27th Feb.

Rehearsals-  basically Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Performances-  23rd to 27th April

Look forward to seeing you on the 30th, any queries, please contact me on 07788 695840


Steve Atkins

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