Audition - Lucky Sods 

by John Godber, directed by Philippe Duquenoy

Readthrough – Monday 13th February  at 7.45            

Audition - Weds 15th February at 7.45

Performances - 13th to 17th June  Rehearsals will start 18th Apri, all at the Oakwood Centre      

Jean and Morris are the lucky sods of the title – they’ve just won the lottery. Morris bought the ticket and picked the numbers, but Jean changed one at the last minute. They sat, they watched, they won, it happened to them. Nothing on Friday and two million pounds on Saturday. But is it a dream come true? Bad luck seems to follow after good, and as Jean and Morris keep striking gold, their lives are slowly coming apart, unnoticed amidst the glamour of Hollywood and Venice and a new conservatory. Lucky Sods is a compassionate comedy about guilt, luck, and superstition, and lives changed forever.


  • Morris - 40s/50s
  • Jean - Morris' wife. 
  • Norman - Annie's husband (Morris and Jean's brother-in-law)
  • Annie - Jean's younger sister
  • Molly - Morris's mother
  • Connie - Morris's old flame. About 10 years younger than Morris. Attractive
  • Vicar - (at Morris's mother's funeral)
  • Waiter - (American - staff of Beverly Hills Hotel)

In the original script, Norman, Vicar and Waiter are played by the same actor and Annie, Molly and Connie are played by the same actress. However, casting can be flexible

Any queries, please contact Philippe 0785 775 0430

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Audition: Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

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Further audition planned, contact Glynn to arrange a date.
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