Audition: Lovesong

by Abi Morgan, directed by Katie Goodsell

Audition: 7.30pm on Tuesday 2nd June at the Oakwood Centre
Performance: 29 September - 3 October 2015

A haunting and beautiful tale of past and present lives intertwining, Lovesong tells the story of a marriage through the recollections - wistful and bitter - of an elderly couple, one of whom is about to die. Their young selves are also on stage, and the two couples weave between each other, their words and movements plaiting together to leave the unforgettable pattern of a lifetime. Crying is not mandatory, but only the hard of heart will remain completely unmoved.

Abi Morgan's screenwriting includes the film The Iron Lady and Birdsong, from the novel by Sebastian Faulks, for TV.


Billy - 60’s
Maggie - 60’s
and their younger selves
William - Mid 20’s 30’s
Margaret - Mid 20’s 30’s 

As always, ages are flexible 

The play takes place in a house an overgrown garden in a city suburb over several years.

If you are unable to make the auditions, or would like further details, please contact Katie on

via TicketSource

07939 210121

Audition: Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

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Further audition planned, contact Glynn to arrange a date.
3 males
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