Losing Louis

Audition date: 30 June 2010 and 14 July 2010
at The Oakwood Centre at 8pm 

Directed by Sally Goodsell

Production Dates: 28  September - 2 October 2010

Simon Mendes da Costa's play is a black comedy, which premiered at Hampstead Theatre in 2005 with a cast that included Alison Steadman and Lynda Bellingham and which later enjoyed a successful West End transfer.

Set in a family bedroom in two time frames, the 1950s and present day, we see the effects of Louis' infidelity reverberating in his own lifetime, and in the aftermath of his death. The unfolding family saga is compelling and, as more and more is revealed, everything makes perfect sense, while not being wholly predictable. We laugh and cringe in equal measure as secrets that refuse to remain buried erupt as family members are brought together to attend Louis' funeral.

As the play focuses on the complications of one particular family, it does not hold a great message, but it explores emotions that most of us experience: the irrationality of love, and the inability to let go of our childhood memories and scars. It is also incredibly funny!!!


The 1950s -playing ages are approximate and casting can be flexible.

    Louis Judah EllisA married man in his thirties,

    Bobbie EllisHis wife, in her thirties

    Bella Hollandhis mistress, in her twenties/thirties

Present Day- all characters in their fifities

    Tony EllisLouis's eldest son

    Reggie EllisLouis's youngest son

    Shelia Ellis Tony's wife,

    Elizabeth EllisReggie's wife.  

Rehearsals will start in July and continue as best as possible over the summer holiday period (so don't be put off from auditioning by holiday dates). We will have an intensive rehearsal period in September when all cast members will need to be present.

Any questions please call me on 07900 243222 or email sally.goodsell@financesoutheast.com

Sally Goodsell

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07939 210121

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