Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

by Trevor Baxter

Adapted from the short story by Oscar Wilde

AUDITION DATE: Thursday 13 December at 7:30 at the Oakwood Centre

Performance dates: Tuesday 19th February to Saturday 23rd February 2013

Lord Arthur Savile is engaged to be married to Miss Sybil Merton, whom he truly loves, but when his palm is read by the famed chiromantist Mr. Septimus Podgers, who has a substantial reputation for accurate predictions, Lord Arthur's life is darkened by the shadow of a fate foretold - he is destined to commit a murder.

Lord Arthur is naturally stunned by this terrible prediction. Who is it his fate to kill? What if it should be Sybil? Lord Arthur postpones his wedding in order to confront his dreadful fate.

The play is witty, clever and amusing, everything you'd expect from an Oscar Wilde short story in fact. The play should be light and fluffy, a soufflé, if you like, to send one home with a smile on one's face.

We've doubled some of the parts to make things more interesting for the actors but if we have a sudden rush of auditionees (or is that auditionists?) that could be changed. Lady Windermere and Lady Clementina are the same performer as are The Dean of Chichester, Herr Winkelkopf and the Policeman.

The Cast of Characters

Lord Arthur Savile 25- 35(ish) Aristocratic, in the mould of all Wildeâ��s men, rich, urbane and secure in his position in life.

Miss Sybil Merton 20-30(ish) slightly younger than Sir Arthur but pretty much a female version of him

Mr. Septimus Podgers  an older (ish) gentleman -a Chiromantist (palm reader) â�� slightly down at heel but admitted to the best society due to his reputation

Lady Windermere (40 onwardsish) - elegant and wealthy, a slightly watered down Lady Bracknell

Lady Clementina (an old lady)  a Lady Bracknell clone

The Dean of Chichester (over 40) Lord Arthur's uncle, permanently confused and a lover of clocks

Herr Winkelkopf (over 40) - A German anarchist

Policeman (also, not surprisingly, over 40)  A policeman

If you would like any more information about the play, the production, the directors, or anything else that we can help you with please contact either of the following people:

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Laurence Cann: 0118 921 91950790 576 5759

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