Audition Notice: Ancient Lights by Shelagh Stephenson

Audition date: Wednesday 29 June 2011 @ 7.45pm
Performance dates: Tuesday 27 September - Saturday 1st October 2011


Tom - fortyish - American - Hollywood movie star! Struggling with his identity and is hiding behind
his A-list persona. He has an idea of who he thinks he should be and a romantic view of England that
may turn out to be a disappointment.

Bea - fortyish - English - PR/journalist - organiser, is mother to Joni, in a relationship with Tad

Tad - fiftyish - Irish - Originally from Hull but has reinvented himself as an Irishman - published author, very laid back and grounding for Bea

Kitty - fortyish - English - successful television journalist and war correspondent, hates confrontation!

Iona - twenties/thirties - American - originally seen as a bit of a bimbo but has her own issues to resolve. She's making a documentary of Tom's life and is rarely seen without a camera in hand! But is she his girlfriend?!

Joni -Late teens- English - Bea's daughter- typically challenging - the last place she wants to be is Northumberland

The 4 main characters are Tom, Bea, Tad and Kitty. Joni has some lovely interjections and Iona is on stage a lot but with less dialogue.

The story is that Tom, Bea and Kitty all met at University. They have remained friends since and all have made a success of their chosen careers, particularly Tom who is now an A list movie star. But like so many they are all struggling with who they are versus who they think they should be,
especially Tom. Whilst celebrating Christmas together in a remote Northumberland cottage they learn more about themselves and each other than perhaps they bargained for!

This is a funny, contemporary play that focuses on how we define ourselves in relation to others as well as being a satire on the modern fame machine.

I aiming to start rehearsing from mid-July with as many rehearsals throughout August as we can manage! If you would like to know more about the play please call me on 0780 308 6423 or email me at

Mary Keenan

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