An Evening with Gary Lineker

by Arthur Smith and Chris England 

directed by Krysia Blake and Steve Atkin

Auditions Wednesday  29th Oct 7.30pm at the Oakwood Theatre

Performances 17 to 21 Feb 2015

"Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and the Germans always win."  -  Gary Lineker

July 4th 1990; in Italy, England and West Germany are about to play the World Cup Semi-Final, and in a Majorca hotel, Monica and Bill are on holiday trying to repair their troubled marriage. Monica dreams of an affair with Gary Lineker, the "Queen Mother of Football" , but has been seeing Dan Hudson, a travel writer and friend of Bill, who turns up unexpectedly. The presence of Ian, a gauche ex-colleague of Bill's, and Birgitta, a German tourist rep add to the tension as the game; and the relationships are played out in two halves plus injury time. This is a fun play to act in and to watch, so be prepared for ripe and inventive language and cracking wit

"Easily the funniest play in the West End, and probably the funniest play in the universe"  Daily Express

"One of the year's sharpest and funniest comedies" Evening Standard

Characters- all ages are flexible!!

Bill -  publisher and footy fanatic, about 30

Monica - his wife, not such a footy fanatic, about same age

Ian -  less successful publisher - ex-colleague of Bill's, invited by him out of pity and tolerated (just) by Monica, NOT a footy fanatic -  a bit older

Dan - cult travel writer, charismatic, irresponsible footy fanatic, about same age as Bill

Birgitta -  German tourist rep with good but quirky command of English, similar age to Bill

If you are unable to attend the audition but would like to read for a part please do contact us as we are very flexible and will be more than happy to arrange a reading with you

Steve Atkins 0118 9691134 or 07788695840 or email

Krysia Blake 0118 9667023 or 07718750350 or email

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07939 210121

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