16th to 20th February 2016
Entertaining Angels

A comedy by Richard Everett, directed by Steve Atkins and Krysia Blake

Thoroughly entertaining, this deceptively profound comic play surprises and delights with its ability to shake preconceptions

As a vicar's wife, Grace has spent a lifetime on her best behaviour. Now, following the death of her husband Bardolph, she is enjoying the new-found freedom to do and say exactly as she pleases. The return of Grace's eccentric missionary sister Ruth prompts some disturbing revelations, which force her to confront Bardy's ghost and the truth of their marriage. Set in a vicarage garden after the old vicar has died and before the new vicar takes over, Angels is a gentle, quintessentially English comedy with depth.

19th to 23rd April 2016

A modern comedy by Simon Paisley Day, directed by Heidi Ashton

This is a breath of fresh air, a witty, cruel, light-hearted comedy of modern manners, fresh, withering, edgy and honkingly funny

Briony and Keith are not finding parenthood easy so their friends, Ross and Rosy arrange a weekend away with adult company, good food and drink,– and no children. But inviting the unpredictable Charles and Serena has the opposite effect. Add to this unstable mix an uninvited anarchic sexy adolescent, a fanatical farmer, and a local 'rave', and the weekend erupts into total chaos… a modern, anarchic comedy. 

18th to 21st May 2016
Troubled Times

A personal history of Ireland in song, drama and images by Peter Sinclair, adapted by Steve Atkins
This is a charity event in aid of Parkinson’s UK

World Premiere!

Told simply and directly by musicians, actors and narrators in short scenes with live music, this is a broad history of Ireland from the 1800’s to the present day by author, song writer and singer Peter Sinclair.

Peter was brought up and schooled in Dublin during the 1950’s and 60’s, so he’s seen and heard a lot of Ireland’s history in person and through the words of his forebears. Peppered with Irish wit and humour, and featuring Peter’s own songs as well as some favourites from the Emerald Isle, this is a celebration of the Irish journey to the present day that is not to be missed.

14th to 18th June 2016
Rough Crossing

A 1930’s shipboard comedy by Ferenc Molnar, adapted by Tom Stoppard, directed by Ben May

Whitehall farce meets ‘Flying Down to Rio’ by way of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes’ in this stylish European '30s comedy

Set on board an ocean liner, Rough Crossing follows two playwrights trying to get a show together during the crossing, and their frantic attempts to preserve (with the assistance of an unorthodox and all-knowing cabin steward) the relationship of their composer and his love, their leading lady, despite the interference of a lothario actor. Crossing is brimful of Tom Stoppard's trademark rapier wit and wordplay.

27th September to 1st October 2016
Be My Baby

A powerful and moving play by Amanda Whittington, directed by Merry Evans

The sixties are so much associated with sexual freedom, it's easy to forget the unmarried mothers whose babies were born in Church-sponsored homes and taken from them for adoption.

It’s 1964, and Mary is young, single and pregnant when she is bundled off to St. Saviours by her mother to have her baby in secrecy to keep up appearances. The girls there find comfort in each other’s friendship, helped by the uplifting sounds of current pop songs, but ultimately they must face their individual tragedies alone. A GCSE set text, this is theatre with a big heart where loss, pain and laughter run side by side.

22nd to 26th November

A play by Ronald Harwood , directed by Frank Augur

Opened in the West End in 1999 with Donald Sinden, filmed in 2012 with Maggie Smith and Billy Connolly also (surprisingly) a massive hit in Finland as 'Kvartetti'

Set in a retirement home for musicians, Quartet is a bittersweet mellow study of age, friendship, alienation and reconciliation. Three elderly former opera-singers, who often worked together, are about to be joined by newcomer Jean, a major star in her day and to whom Reginald was once - unhappily- married. Is there any chance that these four will ever sing together again? Three of the four are keen to recreate the third act quartet from Rigoletto - but one isn't.

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