2012 Programme

21-25 February 2012  7.45pm

Peggy For You by Alan Plater

Peggy Ramsay was the most celebrated play agent of her time. Her clients included dramatists as famous and diverse as Joe Orton, Caryl Churchill, Christopher Hampton, Henry Livings, Stephen Poliakoff, Edward Bond, Alan Ayckbourn and, for 30 years, Alan Plater.

Historically the piece is a bunk but it's also truthful, so says Alan Plater and he wrote it, so he should know. Some of the situations in the play might not have happened and some might but if they had happened, they certainly couldn't have happened on the day in question.

Peggy for you represents a totally imaginary day in the working life of Peggy Ramsay, play agent, in the late 1960's. The action of the play takes place in the offices of Margaret Ramsay Ltd, 14a Goodwin's Court, St Martin's Lane (formerly a brothel), London. The events of the play are imaginary, but inspired by events that took place over a twenty year period.

24-28 April 2012  7.45pm

Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones

It's the kind of English play that they don't really write any more, though in truth they scarcely ever did: a play with an immensely smart head and a big puzzled but so engaging heart. Imagine the best of recent Tom Stoppard, but with more genuine sense of emotional wonder...

A beautiful, intricately layered creation that simultaneously captivates the head and the heart. - Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times

Set in an English garden on a summer's day, this is a wonderful, emotionally satisfying play that's been there and worn the tee-shirt out.

24-28 July 2012  7.45pm

Funny Money a farce by Ray Cooney 

It's Henry's birthday and his wife, Jan, is preparing a birthday dinner for him and their friends Vic and Betty. Unfortunately Henry's late and when he does eventually arrive he wants to emigrate, immediately, to Barcelona with the suitcase of money he picked up on the underground. Then the police start to arrive, one with sad news and the other to question Henry. Can Henry keep the money? What will the police discover? Who's the passer by? Can Bill, the cabbie, really help?

This brilliant farce by Ray Cooney enjoyed a spectacular run at the Playhouse Theatre, London in 1995, starring Sylvia Syms, Trevor Bannister, Ray Cooney, Lynda Baron and Henry McGee.

12-14 July 2012  7.45pm

Drama Nite by Woodley Youth Theatre

This will include music, mime, mask work, improvisation and LAMDA pieces.
For ticket prices and to book email matt@berzerkproductions.com

25-29 September 2012 7.45pm

Calendar Girls by Tim Firth

Based on the true story of eleven WI members who posed nude for a calendar to raise money for the Leukaemia Research Fund, Calendar Girls opened at the Chichester Festival Theatre and has since become the fastest selling play in British theatre history.

"Its marvellous theatre, guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and come out singing Jerusalem." Mail on Sunday

Calendar Girls has been released for amateur performance for 1 year only.

27 November-1 December 2012 7.45pm

In Praise of Love by Terence Rattigan

Originally, "In Praise of Love" was the collective title chosen by Terence Rattigan for a double bill of two plays entitled "Before Dawn" and "After Lydia" Rattigan had thought to follow the pattern which he had adopted years before with his "Playbill" ("The Browning Version" and "Harliquinade") and "Separate Tables". However, when he found that "After Lydia" proved the substantially more popular, Rattigan developed and lengthened that script for "stand-alone" presentation under the title "In Praise of Love".

The play tells of Lydia, survivor of Nazi occupation of her native Lithuania, who now has an incurable and fatal disease, which she seeks to hide from her husband Sebastian, a literary critic, and a man apparently totally bound up with himself, his own comforts and his left-wing political views. They are visited by Mark, Sebastian's writer friend, himself in love with Lydia. This visit, together with the performance on television of a first play by the couple's son Joey, provide the impetus for Rattigan's perceptive and moving revelations of those hidden feelings, which sometimes lead us to behave in unexpected and even apparently contradictory ways.

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by Frank McGuinness. Directed by Glynn Oram. 
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