2010 Season

Terra Nova by Ted Tally

Performance Dates: 23rd - 27th February

In the winter of 1911 - 1912, 5 Englishmen and 5 Norwegians raced each other to the bottom of the world. Only the 5 Norwegians returned.

Terra Nova is the tale of Captain Scott's last expedition, drawn from the journals and letters found with his frozen body, by Oscar winning writer Ted Tally. The action of the play blends scenes from the 5 men's tragic ordeal with flashbacks of Scott and his wife Kathleen and fateful glimpses of Scott's rival for the Pole, the Norwegian Roald Amundsen. It is a play about British pride and resolve which captures the bravery of men who accept the bitter knowledge that suffering and death will be the only reward for their heroism. It is uplifting, powerful and recalls a nearly forgotten age and attitude to life and country.

Ladies' Day by Amanda Whittington

Performance Dates: 20th - 24th April

Work, love and life are one hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. Their luck changes when Linda finds tickets to Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot in York. Out go the hairnets and overalls as the girls do themselves up and head for the races. As the day unfolds, the champagne flows, secrets spill out and their horses keep winning. By the last race, the girls are on course for a life-changing win. 

Strictly Murder by Brian Clemens

Performance Dates: 15th - 19th June

Written by Brian Clemens, who created the iconic TV series The Avengers and The Professionals, comes a fast moving thriller full of lies, subterfuge and murder in this dark and disturbing roller-coaster ride of bluff and double bluff.

In the Spring of 1939, English couple Peter and Suzy are living in idyllic isolation, far, it seems, from the rumblings of the coming war. Their peace is shattered from within when Suzy discovers she has been betrayed. When a Scotland Yard detective arrives events become even more complicated and frightening...

Woodley Youth Theatre
 present 2 one act plays

Performance Dates: 8th - 10th July

The Three Wonders by Claudette Flint

The younger members of our youth group present a very funny play with smashing musical numbers. The Sultan wants to marry his daughter Leila. Three Princes are asking for her hand. The Sultan wants to test them and ask them to go and get an extraordinary object. The owner of the most extraordinary one will get the Princess's hand. The problem is that the three of them will find an equally extraordinary object. So the Sultan will have to test their core values but the Princess dares to disagree with her father. The generation gap is eternal and timeless.  

Heartbreak Beautiful by Christopher William Hill

A comedy romance set during a series of PE lessons. Students from our senior youth group present this physical theatre play about love, ambition and relationships in the teenage world. Set around sports, the passion and energy of sport combines with the passion and energy of theatre. This hard hitting play with touches of brilliant comedy leaves you on the edge of you seat right till the final whistle. 

Losing Louis by Simon Mendes da Costa

Performance Dates: 28th Sept - 2nd Oct

Interwoven events from the past and present blend together in this touching comedy. Set in a family bedroom in two time frames, the 1950s and present day, we see the effects of Louis' infidelity reverberating in his own lifetime, and in the aftermath of his death. Secrets that refuse to remain buried as family members are brought together, after years of separation, to face it out in the bedroom - the place where all the confusion began.

"Simon Mendes da Costa's play, Losing Louis, delights and entertains and is littered with lines that had me in hysterics". Rachel Wagstaff.

Playhouse Creatures by April De Angelis

Performance Dates: 23rd - 27th November

Women shockingly exploded onto the English stage in 1660 when the monarchy was restored and Charles II returned to claim his throne. Samuel Pepys and his contemporaries came to marvel at the first actresses - the 'playhouse creatures' of the title. And as creatures they are treated little better than the bears who entertained here before them. The management exploit them, the audience leer and jeer at them and the aristocracy seduce them. Three actresses and their skivvy struggle to adapt to the rapidly changing rules, only to find themselves usurped by an orange seller: the amoral Nell Gwynn.

April De Angelis' funny and forthright play is sexy, bawdy, revealing and hilarious. It includes strong language.

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